Superior performance, quality and reliability

We offer superior products for:

  • Cold Storage
  • Food Processing
  • Retail Grocery
  • Food Storage
  • Convenience Stores
  • Bio-science
  • Custom applications
  • Breweries
  • Convenience Stores

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Design & Engineering

Advanced Refrigeration designs and engineers compressor racks, refrigeration systems and more, all under the Advanced brand. We build custom refrigeration systems of all types for facilities including supermarkets/grocery stores, cold storage warehouses, meat and produce processing and storage, food producers/manufacturers, wineries, breweries, and many other large and small facilities.

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Variable Frequency Drives (VFDS)

Advanced variable speed compressor racks are proven to be 20-50% more efficient than conventional systems, resulting in enormous energy savings for our customers. The primary driver of these significant savings is the use of VFDs.

Variable frequency drives lower power bills because the compressors only run at the speed necessary to match the refrigeration loads and greatly reduce demand charges because the compressors are “soft started”

Conventional motors come to operating speed from a dead stop to 1800 or even 3600rpm within one second, putting significant physical stress on the motor, causing more failures and maintenance costs.

Over 500% of normal running power is needed to start conventional motors, resulting in a power spike with high demand charges which can have a considerable effect on the electric bill.

VFDs also help control the temperature cycles resulting in steady temperatures and avoiding wild temperature swings.

Many options are available depending on your specific system requirements.

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High Efficiency Racks

Advanced Variable Speed/High Efficiency Refrigeration Systems use computer programmed drives that control the speed of the compressor to match refrigeration loads. Advanced systems focus on high levels of energy efficiency, lowering the cost of ownership, and allowing for superior performance while saving customers money.

All of our products are constructed by highly skilled and experienced mechanics in the United States of America USA.

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“UltraSite™ is an intuitive Microsoft Windows™ based program that uses animated graphics, icon buttons, and tabular and graphical data to display real time information from a supermarket. UltraSite combines the power and accessibility of being on-site with the convenience and speed of remote communication.”

– Emerson Climate Technologies

UltraSite and Advanced, Inc.
UltraSite, allows a remote technician to download data, troubleshoot the system, or revise set points. UltraSite uses active buttons, pull-down menus, and pop-up dialog boxes to access this information. Animated graphics of refrigeration or building control components are available by simply highlighting that component on the

UltraSite Directory Tree. Graphics and graphical floorplans are tailored to specific site configurations automatically during the initial setup.

UltraSite allows for constant monitoring and troubleshooting from the Advanced Systems, Inc. technical support team. This feature reduces the need for a technician to be called out on a service call as many issues and alarms can be resolved and reset off site by the ADV-Support team, resulting in incredible savings of service and maintenance costs, getting your facility back up and running faster.